Hidden Harbor celebrates turning 3 with its own custom rum

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Excerpt from Article by Bob Batz Jr., Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Hidden Harbor, the tiki bar in Squirrel Hill that has some national acclaim, will be pouring a special rum starting with the party celebrating its third anniversary Saturday night.

The owners collaborated with award-slaying Allegheny Distilling, aka Maggie’s Farm Rum in the Strip District, to create Hidden Harbor White Rum. It’s a custom blend of 80 percent Pittsburgh and 20 percent assorted Caribbean rums meant to sing in daiquiris and other tropical cocktails.

Pittsburgh Distilleries Making Rum a Spirit to Watch


Excerpt from Article by Maggie Weaver, Pittsburgh City Paper

Rum is the new whiskey. Forget Captain Morgan and Bacardi — it’s not college anymore — this rum is for sipping, not chugging.

Thanks to a trio of Pittsburgh distilleries, Wigle Whiskey, Maggie’s Farm Rum, and Kingfly Spirits, rum is headlining the next spirit obsession.

Each distillery takes a unique refining approach. It’s the diverse spice bill that sets regional rum apart from its commercial relatives. Pittsburgh’s distilling triad focuses on intentional flavor, rising above the typical over-sugared party spirit.

Maggie’s Farm Rum

About five years ago, Maggie’s Farm Rum debuted its first spirit, an unaged white rum. A few months later, using the young rum as a base, Tim Russell and his team bottled a spiced rum. 

Maggie’s Farm spiced rum (the world’s highest-rated in rums submitted to The Spirit Journal) infuses the signature turbinado sugar-rum base with a long list of spices, holding to the distillery’s all-natural mindset. There are no added sugars, extracts, or artificial flavors, each sip fragrant, dry, and balanced. 

Superior Motors and Maggie’s Farm Rum Team Up for Latin American Dinner

Photo: Superior Motors

Photo: Superior Motors

Excerpt from Article by Maggie Weaver, Pittsburgh City Paper

For the next installment of its 2019 dinner series, Superior Motors isn’t teaming up with a chef. The restaurant is partnering with a distillery.

Maggie’s Farm Rum is the dinner’s star. Signature spirits from the distillery, such as the Queen’s Share and 50/50 dark rum, will be featured in cocktails crafted by Will Groves (Maggie’s Farm) and Jeremy Bustamante (Superior Motors).

The cocktails will pair with a six-course Latin American menu by Superior Motors head chef Kevin Sousa. As Groves puts it, what “grows together, goes together.” To showcase the diversity of rum, Sousa’s courses explore the scape of Latin American cuisine.

Tasting Table: Born to Rum

Photo: Rachel Vanni/Tasting Table

Photo: Rachel Vanni/Tasting Table

Born to Rum by Alison Spiegel

Royally Cool: The Queen’s Share Method

Spirits are typically “cut” into parts after distillation: heads, hearts and tails. The hearts usually get bottled, while the heads and tails may be discarded or blended into new batches. Mixing subpar portions with the hearts helps produce higher yields. But Privateer and award-winning, Pittsburgh-based Maggie’s Farm Rum use a method called Queen Share. They collect batches of tails only—“the really heavy, funk, oily portions,” Maggie’s Farm Rum owner Tim Russell says—and redistill them for a smooth, rich and intensely flavored rum.

Excerpt from article by Rachel Spiegel.

Maggie’s Farm Rum in Strip District celebrates its 5-year anniversary


Article by Kristy Locklin

Tim Russell can relate to Bob Dylan.

Bored by the 9-to-5 grind, he decided to take a cue from “Maggie’s Farm,” the folksinger’s freewheeling anthem, and find something more meaningful to do with his life.

He found a reason in rum.

Today, he’s the owner of Allegheny Distilling, producer of Maggie’s Farm Rum, some of the most awarded spirits in the United States.