Pittsburgh Distilleries Making Rum a Spirit to Watch


Excerpt from Article by Maggie Weaver, Pittsburgh City Paper

Rum is the new whiskey. Forget Captain Morgan and Bacardi — it’s not college anymore — this rum is for sipping, not chugging.

Thanks to a trio of Pittsburgh distilleries, Wigle Whiskey, Maggie’s Farm Rum, and Kingfly Spirits, rum is headlining the next spirit obsession.

Each distillery takes a unique refining approach. It’s the diverse spice bill that sets regional rum apart from its commercial relatives. Pittsburgh’s distilling triad focuses on intentional flavor, rising above the typical over-sugared party spirit.

Maggie’s Farm Rum

About five years ago, Maggie’s Farm Rum debuted its first spirit, an unaged white rum. A few months later, using the young rum as a base, Tim Russell and his team bottled a spiced rum. 

Maggie’s Farm spiced rum (the world’s highest-rated in rums submitted to The Spirit Journal) infuses the signature turbinado sugar-rum base with a long list of spices, holding to the distillery’s all-natural mindset. There are no added sugars, extracts, or artificial flavors, each sip fragrant, dry, and balanced.